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Selecting a partner for planning and operating business meetings is not an easy task. What is important in planning and operating your business meetings? We take the time to listen, understand and educate our team regarding your goals, message, budget, and conference needs. You and your business meeting are our priority. During the last 11 years, we have planned and operated hundreds of business meetings and group vacations. We are confident that our team knows what our clients want, need and expect from a strategic partner.

Testimonial : Our Company has been using for our yearly sales incentive vacation. Our first trip in 2002 we only had 47 that we awarded a Maui, Hawaii vacation to. It worked so well, and made it so easy we have been doing it every year since then. We had 290 sales people on the last trip and it was another tremendous boost for morale and for our sales.

Business Meetings : As a Corporate Business Meetings Provider, and Leader in the Planning and management of your meeting environment, we provide an exemplary level of professionalism in the management of the programs we support for our worldwide customer base of clients. We share with them a perfect implant division of your Corporate Business Meetings support team individuals that provides each client with the empowered decision making processes, while minimizing their labor, time and overhead.

CPU has also focused its success these many years, on coordinating, creating and presenting Corporate Business Meeting environments, which reflect our clients’ culture, combining their needs with creative unique meeting visions. We present all options on every aspect of the meeting and tradeshow venues to you, allowing you to make the critical decisions. We will negotiate everything, giving you great value, while qualifying and guaranteeing the vendor product and services. This saves your company both labor and overhead from your in house staff that have additional job assignments and commitments that don’t usually involve these special Corporate Business Meetings, Events or Trade shows.

We can take your directives or offer suggestions while we qualify pricing and related costs on existing or proposed contracts for approved programs, offer additional suggestions or improvements to the contracts to further protect you from many challenges the hotel agreements and vendor agreements, choose not to highlight or offer unless you are a member of their International Sales buying program. We will provide experienced, professional planners for your Corporate Business Meeting Management support team and determine in these early planning discussions the areas in which you will need defined assistance such as theme development, marketing, registration platforms, site selection, on site coordination, Food & Beverage selection and negotiation, Audio Visual concept, development and management, etc. With those parameters defined, we then build an overview and RFP to present to hotel and site venues that will best support all elements of the programs. We will analyze the results of the rfp process and pre-qualify a selection of properties, program venues and support vendors inclusive of every requirement and develop written agreements that are protective of your interests and fairly represent the services offered and required.

The Corporate Business Meeting Planning Staff: We provide experienced, professionally trained meeting and travel “management” staff who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by cell phone, fax and e-mail. We also provide you with direct Nextel radio contact providing immediate access to your Planning staff Management team, so your changes, important requests and emergencies can be responded to immediately.

Corporate Business Meeting Fees & Reimbursement: Our reimbursement is supported from the commissions earned and credited towards the CPU Management fees proposed, reducing your costs considerably. Further, we offer our wholesale and negotiated reduced pricing structures of reductions of 10-40% on Corporate Business Meetings, which then further reduces the overall Corporate Business Meeting program Costs.Our Management fees can be reduced when both Meeting and Travel services are provided from CPU, and as well are negotiable based on the inclusions, services and staffing you request. We provide a quality Corporate Business Meeting product at great value with reduced costs, and guaranteed operational success!

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