Customer Support

The Customer Support Department comprises over 70 dedicated support consultants including content, product, technical and foreign language specialists. We offer you the choice of two Customer Help Desks, a Content Support Desk, which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week (with US office back up) and a Technical Support Desk available for all your technical needs and queries.Engineers are responsible for technical phone assistance and troubleshooting, case escalation, hardware replacement issues and configuration and deployment projects. For direct customers, representatives handle the administration of maintenance contracts including assistance with service level upgrades, contract renewals and complete contract revisions.When on-site maintenance, upgrades or repairs are required, service is provided by a technician who has been dispatched from one of our local Branch Offices. Our technicians are experts in troubleshooting and maintaining quasar-project communications products and are backed by the National Technical Support Center for case escalation. quasar-project provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your business runs smoothly.customer support services in multiple languages for variety of functions including customer care, sales and technical support, inquiry and billing services.

Content Management:-

Quasar provides a comprehensive suite of content management services across the digital content life cycle including five primary states: create, update, publish, archive and retire. We have a qualified pool of technical writers, creative writers, graphic designers and technical engineers who understand the client requirements and provide high quality custom documentation.

Customer Service Activites:-
  • Customer Service Department is powered by a team of engineers. These engineers are based at 16 services centers all across India.
  • Customer service & first line services for countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Dubai, Kenya, is provided by our sales represntative. When the requirements is specialized, personalized service visits are organised by the team based in India.
  • We also have an exclusive team working for the USA market support operating round the Clock.
  • Specialists in product technology engineers are based at the headquarters for critical technical support to remote locations.
  • Customer Service Facility:-

    At the headquarters all our strategic business units are equipped with independent test facilities that are capable of Servicing the entire range of current and past product models. Adequate capabilties and redundancies ensure quick turnaround of items for servicing. At branch levels, our local service engineer are equipped with latest portable test equipments to facilitate quick and reliable services to local customers. Meticulously documented manuals service instruction sheets ensure quality of service. We have expert and competent engineers for different product ranges at Branch level, who also extend customers satisfaction beyond their branch boundaries.

  • The on -field engineers are responsible for the day to day operations; they are trained hands on all product and handle service calls at the branch level.
  • Complaints received are logged at the branch and then get published at Head Office. Quasar has a norm of resolving the complaints within 5 working days.
  • We provide service support which encompasses Intallation / Commissioning and servicing of all products we manufacture in India and as well as for marketed products. Our Engineers are well trained at our principal''s facilities.
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