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Party at Silent Movie Theater
"Silent movies are an extraordinary form of entertainment," says Los Angeles Times and NPR Morning Edition film critic Kenneth Turan. "But it's difficult to see them. It's difficult to see them with good prints and good projection. And it's difficult to hear them with really good music."There's even a community of movie-loving members, the Cinefamily, who share the staff's appreciation for distinctive films. Matt Cornell, who succeeded Ms. Staples as operations manager, reports that the new programming has had a warm reception with a couple of sold-out audiences. Three years back, the iTunes Music Store sent strategists at the big four labels scurrying back to Hollywood to rethink their digital strategies - even though Apple's digital sales today amount to little more than a drop in a bucket, and the labels are left trying to downplay the quite remarkable resilience of DVD sales.
Independent Film Festival
We are the leading film organization in Ohio dedicated to freedom of expression through the art of independent media; it is the part we play in the larger struggle for social justice and equality. We accomplish our mission by encouraging emerging media artists and by providing a consistent, reputable venue for work the public may not otherwise see. We value integrity, innovation, and the exchange of knowledge.Since its innaugural event in 1998,the award winning quasar-project Independent Film Festival has developed into a premiere, Mid-Atlantic cultural event. The five-day Festival now showcases approximately 100 of the best American and international films including features, documentaries, and shorts. Film enthusiasts enjoy the convenience of seeing all the films at one, multi-screen location.
Full Outdoor Movie Service Events
Hosting a outdoor movie, or drive-in movie event just has never been easier, thanks to outdoor Movies. with the experience of thousands of productions, outdoor Movies provides a reliable, turnkey, full-service solution for your outdoor movie event.quasar-project specializes in professional outdoor cinema productions throughout the USA. Our focus is to make the entire event process easy for you and unforgettable for your audience.Interesting, perhaps, that HD movies are only available for Apple TV — the standard DVD-quality rentals are available for your computer and iPods, too. I would think that a 30-inch Cinema Display would be a reasonable target for HD movies, so I’m not sure why this limitation exists.
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